Why RF Arbitration


RF Arbitration has achieved extraordinary results for their clients based on the following specific characteristics:

1. In-depth Legal & Management Experience

Disputes in international arbitration usually arise between corporations and are often of a rather complex nature involving not only legal but also highly technical and management issues.

RF Arbitration has in depth first-hand experience on both sides “of the corporate fence”, i.e. the legal side (Dr. Andreas Respondek was previously Head of the Legal Department; is Founder & Managing Partner of Respondek & Fan) and also the management side (his previous positions include Managing Director Thailand; Managing Director Greater China and Regional Managing Director Asia Pacific).

2. Combined professional education & experience in Common Law and Civil Law

International cross border disputes that end up in arbitration generally involve various legal systems with different characteristics and legal approaches to specific questions. RF Arbitration is not only rooted in either one of the two major legal systems, i.e. Common Law or Civil Law.

We have a deep familiarity with two of the world’s two major legal systems through Dr. Andreas Respondek’s dual qualification as an American Attorney and a German “Rechtsanwalt”. This enables us to swiftly navigate between different legal systems based in various legal cultures.

3. Dedicated focus on arbitration

Arbitrators do not necessarily require a special legal education, training or background. Some arbitrators and legal practitioners work themselves into arbitration without any specific arbitration training or background. RF Arbitration takes a different approach as highlighted by Dr. Andreas Respondek’s career development:

Already his Ph.D. thesis dealt with an arbitration related topic (“Rescission of arbitral awards under German and Austrian law”). Even the beginning of his legal career started with a dispute that resulted in two judgments in his favour from the Louisiana Supreme Court, clearing the way for his US bar admission. In addition to many years of legal practice, Dr Andreas Respondek followed the specific arbitration oriented curriculum of the “Chartered Institute of Arbitrators”, successfully completed all rigorous formal and professional requirements and is now a “Chartered Arbitrator” and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

4. Language knowledge & cultural sensitivity

International arbitration disputes frequently result from insufficient communication between parties and consequential misunderstandings. These issues are aggravated through language barriers. It is rather helpful in this respect if the arbitrator or party representative who is confronted with these language based issues speaks the respective parties’ language.

Dr Andreas Respondek’s command of five important languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese) underlines and enhances his credibility in international arbitration.

5. Speed

At RF Arbitration we are fully aware that one major reason parties choose arbitration is because they expect speedier proceedings than most state courts can offer. Dr Andreas Respondek is known as an arbitrator and also counsel to live up to these expectations without compromising or sacrificing attention to detail.

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