The transportation sector has in recent years grown remarkably in Asia. This has been the result of a tremendous increase in travel for both leisure and business purposes, as a consequence of large economic growth, particularly in the import and export industries.

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RESPONDEK & FAN has had the pleasure to accompany this growth at the forefront of the automotive, aviation and marine industries, with its unique bases in both Singapore and Thailand. Our experience has included:

  • Day-to-day Legal Business Requirements
  • Drafting and Review of Contracts
  • Licensing Arrangements
  • Compliance Issues
  • Investment & Preferential Investment Policies
  • Business Development & Growth
  • Lease Agreements
  • Market Entry

(1) Automotive
The automotive production industry has grown enormously in Asia and particularly in Thailand which is now within the top 10 of the world’s leading automobile producers. This growth has also been reflected in the manifold needs of our clients from the automotive industry. Amongst others successfully completed tasks, we have:

  • Set up companies in Thailand and Singapore for numerous car component manufacturers and suppliers and assisted in restructuring their businesses
  • Obtained preferential investment approval in Thailand (BOI) for a car component manufacturers and suppliers and assisted in their day-to-day legal business requirements with regard to drafting of contracts, reviewing of contracts, obtaining licenses, dealing with compliance affairs as well as Human Resource issues
  • Assisted an Austrian company for specialized custom-made vehicles with finding a licensee for their products in Malaysia as a launching base for their product distribution in Asia
  • Set up a BOI-promoted company of the engineering arm of a German premium car manufacturer in Bangkok and assisted with all legal issues of moving of the entire business from Bangkok to Shanghai

(2) Aviation
We advise commercial airlines, air cargo companies as well as manufacturers of ground handling equipment with their legal aspects. For example, we have:

  • Taken the lead to set up the fourth shared services centre in Bangkok for the Asia Pacific and the Arabic region for a leading German airline that had so far maintained three shared services centres world-wide for various geographical areas – this shared services centre grew from a few employees to more than 200 in a short period of time
  • Been entrusted to draft wet lease agreements for an air cargo company for several wide body transportation jets as well as all ancillary documentation – we also assisted this client with various contracts and the resolution of contractual disputes
  • Advised a French company that develops and markets various types of ground support equipment for airports with legal aspects

(3) Marine
We continuously advise a marine services company, specializing in marine surveying (condition survey, damage survey and shipyard survey), ship evaluation and advisory consultation.

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